Testing the American Tanto Prototype

The concept of this knife is similar to the American Puukko, with a more “tactical” or utilitarian type blade shape. It is intended to be a knife that will be used every day and be carried at all times. The handle and size of the knife came directly from my American Puukko knife, and I altered the blade shape to be that of an Americanized Tanto. The main beveled section is a hollow grind, done on a 10″ wheel, and ground to 0.015″ thick behind the edge, while the tip of the knife is a zero convex (meaning no secondary bevel).

(The knife is shown in this photo, prior to the final thinning of the hollow and  convexing of the tip bevel)

I used the knife to skin and partially butcher a buck that I killed on the last day of rifle season. Although the tip shape is not an ideal one for a skinning knife, it performed well!

I used the same knife to trim the steak and cut the vegetables for dinner. It was just as much at home cutting vegetables as it was butchering the deer.

And the obligatory cooked venison photo:

I could not have asked the knife to perform any better than it did. in addition to the deer, I used the knife to make shavings from hickory and pine, as well as a bit of carving. I think this design is a winner.

The prototype will be listed for sale this coming week, after a bit more testing. I think the design is good to go.

-Matthew M Paul

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