Welcome to MP Knives! This is our new home on the internet. As you may have noticed, the old page was several years out of date. I am attempting to learn this new software so that I can update the page weekly, with informative and interesting information.

The blog has been updates, and two knives have been listed in the “For Sale” Section, an American Tanto Prototype knife, and a Forged Drifter.

I’m now taking custom knife orders again. Finally, the hundreds of orders from last year are just about finished, only a few more to go. So, if you would like a custom knife, please email me at order@mpknives.com

Let me know the model name that you would like, steel thickness, bevel, handle material, etc etc. I’ll list some of the common options below, but pretty much anything can be had.

If you are not 100% sure on what you would like, that is fine. We can talk about how you will use the knife, and what you will use it for – to determine what would work best for you.

Steel: 80crv2

Thickness, 1/8, 3/16, 1/4″ or any custom forged dimension for an additional cost.

Blade lengths available, 1 to 10″ larger blades available but not part of standard pricing.

Bevels available – Forged: Flat, Convex – Special Price for Hollow forged bevel
– Ground: Flat, Convex, Hollow (5″ Radius)
– Edge bevels, Vee or Convex
– minimum blade thickness available behind edge is 0.008″ but really any thickness can be made, depending on use of the knife

Base price handle materials: Black G1o, OD Micarta, Blackwood, Bocote, Cocobolo, Walnut, Oak, etc.

Additional price handle materials ($25 custom colored g10 or micartas)

Stabilized Burl Woods: Box Elder, Maple, Walnut, etc… (Typically $50, but my cost of actual piece of wood used will be the cost to you)

Liners, $15 (can be more if more exotic materials such as Carbon fiber, Kevlar, or solid copper or brass are used)

Copper Guard/bolster – Full tang, $75 – Hidden tang $55
Copper Pommel – $55
Brass Guard/bolster Full Tang $75 – Hidden Tang $75
Brass Pommel – Threaded $55, Punched and Riveted $65
Other Bolster guard and pommel materials available, price upon request

Basic Model Pricing:

Drifter, Wolf Pup, Mini Wolf Pup, Full tang American Puukko, Full Tang American Tanto, Drift-X, and similar knives, $295

MP Bowie, Dire Wolf, etc $325

Hidden tang Puukko, American Puukko, American tanto, etc $325

Stacked Birch Bark or leather, add approx $95

Again, these are just some general options and guides. Most order requests can be met, no problem.

I also offer leuku, Seax, hidden tang Bowie, froe, type D viking axes, Trade axes, Alaska pack and belt axes, etc. Most edged tools.

Happy new year and God Bless!
Matthew M Paul

 You can have a preview of some of the following models available, and some of the options at the following link: https://bushcraftusa.com/forum/threads/mp-knives-2018-order-list-now-open